The Centre for High Performance Computing Conference 2017

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Our computational team members took time off to participate in the annual CHPC conference where the latest trends in research requiring high performance computing were showcased.

In amoungst talks on artificial intelligence, big data handeling and bioinfomatics Johan van der Westhuizen presented a talk on the development of molecular docking models and their use in the identification of novel cholinesterase inhibitors as anti-Alzheimer’s disease agents.

We were further represented in the poster sessions by Sergio Lovisa presenting on the role of silicon as a bioisostere in the search for cholinesterase inhibitors and George Dhimba who shared his findings on the mechanistic elucidation of proline catalysed reactions.

Johan van der Westhuizen presenting on his work on in silico identification of novel anti-Alzheimer’s agents
Sergio presenting his in silico studies on sila-derivatives of the Alzheimer’s drug Donepezil.