Welcome to the Riley research group page, Dr Darren Riley is currently based at the University of Pretoria and heads up a research team involved in medicinal chemistry for drug discovery and flow chemistry process development for economic and green manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients for the South African market.

He has past experience as a principal scientist at iThemba Pharmaceuticals, where he focused on drug discovery for neglected tropical diseases and process chemistry. He obtained his PhD in total synthesis at the University of the Witwatersrand, SA under Prof Jo Michael and Prof Charles de Koning. His industrial training was conducted in the flow chemistry laboratories at the University of Cambridge, UK under Prof Steve Ley.

The Riley group’s mission is to benefit the people of South African through the provision of cheap and effective drugs for critical diseases. The group aims to tackle this challenge by:

  • identifying novel drugs for the treatment of disease
  • the development and promotion of the use of flow chemistry as a critical tool for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals

The research in the group is conducted through an active and vibrant team of postgraduate students, post-doctoral researchers and through strong collaborations with industrial partners.