We have a long-running collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Technologies group at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research which is focused on the development of flow and batch-flow hybrid process routes for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. The collaboration involves early stage development of process route technologies in our labs, followed by techno-economic assessment and translational upscaling at the CSIR.

In 2020 together with the CSIR we established a joint collaboration Centre for Rapid Online Analysis of Reactions (ROAR) at Imperial College London. The collaboration aims to boost South Africa’s self sufficiency in essential medicines manufacture through the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies.

In 2020 we established a collaboration the Ley Research in Cambridge University.The collaboration focuses on the utility of additive manufacturing technologies as rapid prototyping tools for the development of bespoke flow reactor systems.

We have several in-house collaborations spanning a range of research topics including molecular modelling (Prof Cukrowski), drug-discovery linked to Alzheimer’s disease (Prof Steenkamp, Prof Cordier and Dr Stander) and cancer (Prof Pilcher), and biocatalysis (Dr Pienaar).

We have previously collaborated with researchers from the University of Kashmir (2014-2020) undertaking drug discovery focused on the identifaction of novel anticancer agents.