Research Area (Doctoral)

Computer aided drug design (CADD) uses computational approaches to identify and analyse biologically active molecules. Several approaches can be utilised the most common being ligand-based molecular docking wherein a ligand is allowed to interact with an enzyme of interest with the goal of predicting the strength and types of binding to a target enzyme. Johan’s research focuses on the development of computational models for the virtual screening and identification of compounds as anti-Alzheimer’s agents, this work involves a large variety of modelling approaches from basic molecular docking to molecular dynamics simulations

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Supervisors: Dr Darren Riley, Dr Jenny-Lee Panayides, Dr Andre Stander

2015 SACI convention (Southern Sun Elangeni Hotel) “Studying nucleophilic substitution and carbonyl addition reactions for α-halocarbonyl compounds”

2016 Frank Warren (Rhodes University) “Nucleophilic substitution and epoxidation reaction of α-halocarbonyl compounds”

2017 CHPC conference (Velmore Hotel Estate, Pretoria) “Exploring chemical space using in silico studies to identify novel inhibitors of acetylcholinesterase, a target for Alzheimer’s disease”