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South Africa contributes to 31% of the world fluorospar reserves, however, locally these resources have have up intil this point been largely underutilized. This underutilization prompted the establishment of the Fluorine Expansion Initiative (FEI) program aimed at the development of commercial processes making use of these resources. Our research group joined the FEI consortium in 2014 where our research focuses on the development of flow-based processes towards fluorine containing pharmaceuticals and intermediates. Chantal’s research involves the development of flow-based methods for the preparation of aryl fluorides and hydrazines and has led to the development of an economical greener continuous flow process for the preparation  of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAI) Celecoxib.


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Supervisor:Dr Darren Riley

  1. A continuous flow synthesis of the anti-inflammatory COX-II inhibitor Celecoxib. Chantal Scholtz, Darren L. Riley “Suid-Afrikaanse Tydskrif vir Natuurwetenskap en Tegnologie; 36(1), 2017, a1465.”

Conference Proceeding

2014 – Frank Warren/BOCC (Stellenbosch University) “The use of Flow Technology for the Manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s)”

2015 – The South African Fluorine Symposium (Cape Town) “The Use of Flow Technology for the Manufacture of Fluorine Containing Compounds” Poster Prize

2016 – Frank Warren (Rhodes University) “A continuous flow synthesis of the anti-inflammatory COX II inhibitor Celecoxib”

2016 – SAAWK Conference (Potchefstroom) “‘n Deurlopende vloeisintese van die anti-inflammatoriese COX-II stremmer Celecoxib” Talk prize

2017 – SAAWK Conference (Pretoria) “A continuous flow synthesis of aryl hydrazines and aryl fluorides”